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A Wildfire Worship Podcast

The Holy Spark was created to inspire and encourage by the Holy Spirit through the Word of God. We are dedicated to staying Jesus focused, God-centered, and Holy Spirit-driven. We want to invite all that are looking for the Lord, have been with the Lord, and those that don’t know our blessed Savior.
We celebrate all of the gifts and commit to living our lives for the glory of God.









Hello everyone! It has been a couple of months! I can't believe how fast time flies. This episode is about the past few months and the trials and tribulations I have had. I discuss how my experience of being in the Lord and being obedient has put me in a position that makes me vulnerable and ultimately relies upon God himself to always take care of me. I hope you are all well. I look forward to our time together!

Our first episode of the topical series "FAITH." Super excited to show what the Lord has been sharing about faith and what it looks like in our world today. We will be taking a journey through Zechariah 1 to examine the promises of God and the promises in His message!
UPDATE: Not a series...LOL... God has His own plans... I am learning every day.

How are we to be the light in the darkness? How are we to be strong when we are so overrun by our emotions? How do we overcome the plans of the wicked? Today we discuss how to combat the enemy on a level that challenges us to take a step closer to the Lord.

This is a short introduction to The Holy Spark series. I spend a quick moment introducing myself, Meagan, and explaining what to expect in the series.

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