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The Beginning... Understanding the Words of God

Hello Friends! The Lord has asked me to share with you what I have been learning about: His Words. I have been in John 1:1-5 since December 2020. Oh my goodness! Can you believe it? I have been learning and receiving such awesome revelation about the magnitude of God’s Words for 6 months! It's been so amazing. God is so good, ya’ll! Now, Holy Spirit has guided me to share with you the three different but connected forms of the Word. It is important that we understand the relevance of each and then how they ultimately work together for us as His children. It intertwines in a way that really makes me speechless.

I know that doesn’t happen often! So let us begin! YAY!


In the beginning there was the Word (logos)….

The God-breathed scripture authored by John the apostle, “Whom the Lord loved," specifically chose the greek word logos to emphasize the identity and deity of Jesus Christ. Many Hebrew and Greek words also mean “word”; however, logos is defined as divine communication. Logos means the transmission of thought, a word of explanation, an utterance, discourse, talk, statement, and instruction. But its importance lies within the divine nature of its use because it magnifies divine revelation, divine promise, divine doctrine, and divine declaration.

I mean, really! How cool is that? This one word was created and used by John because Holy Spirit knew the deity of Jesus would be completely wrapped up in one word! It is honestly like the most heavily weighted five-letter word, ever! God is so awesome!

What does logos actually do? Well, it provides us with the righteous law, it gives life and provides prophecy. It is a manual for daily life-giving us tools and resources to combat the world and warfare in the spiritual realm. It ultimately shows us the heart of God. Logos helps us to identify the living nature of God’s word.

Prepare to have your mind blown! Ready? Ok.

The Bible is the living written logos.

Holy Spirit is the spoken logos.

Jesus is the living logos.

I know right, can you believe it?

All three forms of logos provide us how to live and love by seeking the heart of God. ALL THREE! The Bible gives us answers when we are in need, constantly revealing to us the divine instructions from our Father. Holy Spirit is the comforter, the replica of Jesus, within us speaking to us and guiding us to live righteously and to love one another. Then there is Jesus, oh thank you Father for Jesus! For He is our Savior and is the way home to our Father.


Jesus is the physical body of the Word of God. We all know this, well we may think we do, but do we truly understand the depth in which Jesus is the living Word? Again, it has taken me months to understand what the Lord has been revealing to me. As logos defines the divine communication of God, Jesus is the walking Word of God. He delivers us from our sins, He intercedes for us in the courts of Heaven, He speaks life into our souls and loves us into repentance. He baptizes us into His Holy Spirit. He teaches, gives gifts, abides in the righteous law, and reigns the eternal kingdom. PRAISE GOD!!!

Jesus tells us He is the only way to the Father. With Jesus being the Word, Logos, all things were created through Him, John 1:3, and all things must choose to return and live in Him to go to the Father. Meaning, we must live by the Word of God, live and accept Jesus to go home. This process in which contrition and humility allow the human heart to turn to flesh rather than worldly stone aligns our soul and spirit with Jesus Christ, the Word. They must be fed and nourished by the Word because He is the light that activates the power of unity, that baptizes within Holy Spirit.

WOW! We must go through the Word to go home. We must go through the Word of God, the heart of God… my small little human brain is completely overwhelmed by the thought that we have been given an amazing way, THROUGH HIS HEART, to return to Him!


Whew… hold on I need a moment.


The communication of the message through an utterance of the living voice is rhema. It is pronounced REE-ma. It took me some time to get it right (like four months). Rhema is the spoken word given to us employing Holy Spirit, with the intention that we share out with one another.

Ok, just follow me for a second. Holy Spirit uses the Word (logos)because He is the replica and comforter of Jesus, who is logos. Jesus lives within our hearts 2 Corinthians 13:5, it is His heart within us Romans 5:5.

Therefore, logos is within us 1 John 4:13. This means the words we speak to one another, those that prophecy to edify, exhort, and comfort can and will create life. It will show them who they are meant to be and who God intended us to be. It will activate the knowing within their hearts.

In John 1:4 In Him was life and the life was light of men…, we are being shown that the living logos, Jesus, is the light of men. Meaning, that His Word creates a light of revelation, an opening of knowing within our hearts that He is our savior and our God. His Word is given to us through Holy Spirit to speak to one another and He ultimately creates life within them. The words He gives us is rhema. Our willingness to listen to Holy Spirit and speak the rhema shows others the heart of God; thus, creating and increasing our faith.


God intended us all to hear His voice. He created us in His image to walk, talk and live with Him. He has provided us a way to be with Him in this world. Even when Adam and Eve sinned, He still provided clothing, He still communicated with Cain, He was still there and still is. He wants us to understand His word deeply and intimately. So much so, that He gave us three amazing ways to connect to His heart, the Bible (written logos) Jesus (living logos), and rhema (spoken prophetic word guided by Holy Spirit).

It is truly amazing to me how much our Father loves us, ya’ll. It really is. Sometimes, my heart aches with the weight of knowing His love. I ask questions like “how could you still love us?”

But He always answers with a kind smile and says “I am your Father, I will never abandon you.”

SO! Today I ask you to take some time and go to the Father in prayer and ask Him to reveal to you what He would like you to know about His Word. Ask Him to receive rhema words to give to others. Ask Him to reveal His logos and light up your life. He is an amazing God and He is just waiting for you to ask. Sometimes, I forget to ask and I am learning that when I do with a contrite and penitent heart, He always gives me more than I could have ever dreamed of.

I love my Father, and I know He loves you too. He wants you to come deeper and closer, in prayer, praise, worship, and revelation. He wants to fortify your foundational faith. If you would like some more information on the rhema and logos words, please feel free to contact me through our website. I love learning and sharing about this. It has completely rocked my world and I hope God does the same for you.



Heavenly Father, Adonai, Abba, you are truly an amazing Father. How vast your love is. Thank you for the means by which to stay connected to you. Thank you for the love you share with us and the guidance to speak your love to each other. How beautiful you are. We thank you Father for your wisdom and spiritual understandings. We thank you Father for creating in us a heart that provides shelter to the Word and Holy Spirit. Abba, forgive us. Forgive our disobedience. Forgive that we have not spoken life into one another. Forgive us for not loving one another as you love us. Forgive us for not listening to your commands. Forgive us, Father. Please help us to choose repentance. Please reveal to us what we need to repent for and show us how to change, move in your ways, and not this world. We ask for supernatural wisdom of your logos. We ask Holy Spirit to give us rhema words for your children. We ask to be willing vessels to speak life into one another. We ask to speak life through our praise and worship. We ask to speak life into the hearts that do not know You. We ask for a heart full of life and broken from the stone. Thank you Father for all that have done for us, all that You are doing, and all that is coming. Thank you Father for calling us out and choosing us. Thank you Father for your deep and intimate love.

We praise you Father and we adore You. Praise You. Praise You.

In the mighty powerful words of Jesus, Amen. Amen. Amen.

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